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tv   News 4 at 4  NBC  January 23, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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moving. plan on a dismal drive if you're heading outside. danch, dreary, a little bit of yuk. we're running out of adjectives here. hello everybody. i'm jim handly. >> it's all those things. i'm pat lawson muse. >> you may have encountered slick and icy roads and a lot of fog during your morning commute but for the most part conditions weren't as bad today as we feared they'd be. the forecast for freezing rain overnight prompted federal agencies and many school systems to make some policy changes in order to avoid problems on the roads today. the federal government announced an 11:00 a.m. late arrival for employees and they were allowed to telework or use unscheduled leave. some schools in virginia opened two hours late. d.c. government and public schools opened on time this morning. what's on tap tonight and tomorrow? >> meteorologist chuck bell joins us live with the answers. >> hey there. yes indeed the day just never really did improve all that
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much. the low visibility and the wetness and the dampness outside just never budged at all. that cold air has been trapped right on top of us and warm air has actually been riding up over the top of it and it actually sealed our fate early on in the day today. we weren't able to get things mixed up at all even with the south breeze which should have scoured the cold, miserable air out of here. it just never really materialized. 37 degrees. that's all we've been able to muster here in the washington area even with the south wind out there and extremely poor visibility all day long. you say well where is the warm air? just barely out to our west and southwest. look on the left side of your screen. petersburg, west virginia. typically one of the cold spots is at 55 degrees right now. 42 in southern maryland but 36 at the inner harbor and frederick, maryland 32 degrees. most of the rain is essentially done with us now headed out onto the eastern shore in parts of lower southern maryland so it's been a fairly wet ride along route 50 toward annapolis and over the bay bridge and most of
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the showers are pulling on out. the roadways remain on the wet side. you folks down into st. mary's and southern calvert county down toward leonardtown and solomon's island still a little rain left down there but this is basically the back end of it. a couple dying showers out across northern most west virginia. they aren't going to make it over the mountains. your good night forecast? temperatures will hold steady or start to inch their way up between now and 11:00 p.m. so a soggy, foggy evening. the west wind should bring sunshine of all things back into the area for tomorrow and the nice warmup as well. we'll be talking about our next chance of a little storminess later on in the week all that in the seven-day forecast. if you're planning on a nice, beautiful evening on your monday forget about it. >> all right. thanks. >> okay. >> there is sadness and mourning on the campus of penn state university today. many are remembering their legendary coach joe paterno who died on sunday morning. >> it comes just a few months after paterno was removed from his coaching job amid the scandal that also rocked the school. nbc's michelle franzen joins us
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now live from university park where we're also learning more about funeral plans. michelle? >> reporter: well, we are, jim. certainly the gray skies and weather mimicking the mood at this place. people continue to turn out here at what's known as paternoville just outside the stadium to pay their respects. the governor of pennsylvania has ordered flags flown at half staff and preparations are under way for services to say farewell to the man many say is the haertd aheart and soul of penn state. a flood of emotions with memories as people pay tribute to legendary coach joe paterno. >> i came to penn state in 1966 and joe paterno was head coach. and we came up to all the games. we just love it. >> bill boris is among hundreds who have stopped to pay their respects at the makeshift memorial just outside penn state's football stadium where
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paterno's statue stands tall. and news of his death is still sinking in. >> i think everybody here is just very sad at his passing. he was a great man. we all loved him. he was penn state football. he was penn state. just everything for pennsylvania. >> reporter: barbara butcher is also a penn state grad and drove two hours with her daughter to honor a man she feels was wrongly fired in the wake of the jerry sandusky child sexual abuse scandal. >> i know the most horrible thing is what happened to the victims in all of this but just the fact that his career ended here i don't know if i'll ever get over that. >> reporter: paterno spent six decades at penn state and was head coach for 46 seasons until he was fired last fall. he lost his battle with lung cancer sunday. a public viewing is planned for tuesday and wednesday followed by a private family funeral service. then on thursday a public
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memorial will be held at the bryce jordan center. the university is preparing for an even larger turnout than at sunday's vigil where more than 7,000 people gathered on campus. beyond this week's services the university says it is also planning more tributes to highlight paterno's contributions both on and off the field. jim, pat? >> michelle, have we heard any more from the paterno family? >> we have not. not publicly anyway, pat. we've heard a few communications that joe paterno's son jay has relayed through a twitter messages but beyond the initial statement of his death and funeral arrangements no one is speaking at this time and they are asking for privacy. >> okay. michelle franzen. thank you. right now thousands are gathered here in washington for the annual walk for life protesting the u.s. supreme
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court decision row v. wade which legalized abortion 39 years ago. tracee wilkins has more from the verizon center where a prayer service was held earlier today. >> reporter: today thousands of teens from around the country have gathered here in washington to celebrate life. and they're taking a stance on the very grownup conversation of abortion. >> i'm here because i'm supporting pro life and i think that abortion is wrong and i want it to end. >> reporter: more than 28,000 teens are expected to participate in the youth rally and mass for life prompting two locations for the event, one at the verizon center and one at the d.c. armory. >> life is about how you treat the person sitting next to you today. >> our children realize how precious life is then our country has a chance to survive. >> reporter: they lined up early this morning and came by the bus loads to sing, pray, and send their message loudly.
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>> it's just a beautiful thing to see so many people come down here all in favor of life and all in favor of this wonderful religion and it's so nice that everyone is so passionate about it. >> we're talking about tens of thousands of young people that are the next generation. they're the future. and they're saying, life, all life is sacred. >> reporter: the national organization for women or n.o.w. released a statement today saying reproductive health care is not for some women. it's a fundamental right of all women. we will not let anti-choice groups destroy what we worked so hard for. in northwest washington i'm tracee wilkins. news 4. >> gabrielle giffords had a full day of events today, one of her last days as a member of the house of representatives. giffords visited a food bank and also met with survivors and supporters who were at the scene of the shooting in arizona a year ago. among them was a woman who wrestled the gun magazine away from the alleged shooter jaret
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laughner. giffords announced yesterday she is resigning from congress this week in order to focus on her recovery. presidential politics now newt gingrich and mitt romney along with their two remaining rivals will face off tonight for the first of two debates before the florida primary. they're campaigning today and it signals the debate may be a clash of accusations and acrimo acrimony. steve handelsman is at the debate site in tampa with the latest. >> reporter: tampa, florida, day one of a former front-runner's comeback bid. polling second in this state after losing south carolina, mitt romney is going after newt gingrich on personality and stability. >> he's gone from pillar to post almost like a pinball machine from item to item in a way which is highly erratic. >> reporter: romney, who is under fire about his finances and says he'll release some tax returns tomorrow stepped up his attack on gingrich's business
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links to the mortgage crisis. >> well, the speaker made $1.7 million in his enterprises from providing services to freddie mac. you ought to give it back. >> romney's new tv ad in florida targets his rivals. >> gingrich resigned from congress in disgrace and then cashed in as a d.c. insider. if newt wins, this guy would be very happy. >> reporter: back in florida this afternoon gingrich fired back. >> this is such bologna. now it used to be pious bologna. now it's just desperate. >> reporter: it is a preview of tonight's face-off on nbc. the debate at south florida university in tampa. tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern on the stage will be rick santorum polling a weak third in florida and ron paul focused on other states. but one candidate's campaign may be on the line. >> florida is make it or break it for mitt romney. >> reporter: a big, diverse state where a win by newt gingrich could prove his
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electability. >> debates prove decisive in south carolina. this one here tonight could be the most important of this whole campaign. i'm steve handelsman, news 4, tampa, florida. >> now tonight's debate will take place during a special edition of nbc's rock center. brian williams will moderate. and you can watch it at 9:00 tonight right here on nbc 4. when news 4 at 4:00 continues, a surprise announcement today from aretha franklin. >> the oscar nominations come out in the morning. we'll preview what to expect. >> also a controversial comedian rushed to the hospital after collapsing at an awards ceremony. ♪ >> and strong reaction
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"access hollywood" test. "access hollywood" test. "access hollywood" test. "access hollywood"
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actor tracy morgan is recovering in the hospital after collapsing at a film festival. the "30 rock" star just stepped off a stage at an awards ceremony at the sun dance film festival in utah. witnesses say morgan was acting dizzy and confused just before he collapsed. morgan's publicist says he was overcome by a mixture of exhaustion and altitude. he is expected to be okay. you can hold off on buying that wedding gift for the queen of soul. today aretha franklin called off her engagement to willy wilkerson. just three weeks ago the 69-year-old singer said the two of them were going to have a beach wedding sometime early
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summer but in a statement released today aretha franklin said things were moving too fast and, quote, a number of things had not been thought through. it would have been her third marriage. it's unclear if the two of them are still dating. >> better they found out before they walked down the aisle. >> you can say that again. >> one of hollywood's most high profile couples as many thought had a storybook marriage have called it quits. >> super model heidi klum and singer seal made the surprising announcement on sunday night. the two released a statement saying they are getting divorced. they say they have respect for each other but they simply have grown apart. the couple added the split is a mutual and applicable decision. the power couple mayor nid 2005 and have three children together. klum also has a daughter from a previous relationship. seal adopted her. the man known as the blunt leone judge on "x factor" is calling it quits.
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simon cowell has called off his engagement after nearly two years now. cowell met his fiance in '03 on the set of "american idol" where she worked as a maimup artist. the two became engaged in february of 2010. cowell told "the mirror" he doesn't know if he'll ever get married but is happy with his life right now. >> wow. is there something in the air? >> something. 'tis the season. maybe with the new year and resolutions who knows? we are about a month away now from the academy awards and tomorrow morning we'll find out who's in the running for top honors. >> the biggest mystery surrounding the nominees may lie in the best picture category. >> the drama surrounding tuesday's oscar nominees for best picture is less about which ones get nominated than how many get the nod. >> just where the cutoff will be this year is really going to be quite open to surprise. >> reporter: two years ago the motion picture academy expanded the list of best picture nominees from five to ten. but this year the nomination process has changed to allow as
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many as ten but as few as five. films now have to get at least 5% of the total nomination votes cast to earn a best picture bid. >> it's going to be an interesting question to see whether there really is enough passionate support for some of these films like "the girl with the dragon tat oo" and "war horse." >> tom geier thinks that steven spielberg film will make the best picture cut along with the woody allen comedy "midnight in paris" and "hugo." golden globe winner "the descendants" is considered a lock for best picture bid as is another globe winner the black and white silent film "the artist." >> it's got that sort of affection for movie making and the acting process and that's sort of just candy and cat nip to academy members. they love to look at films about themselves. >> in fact, "the artist" could come away with the most nominations over all.
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in 15 of the last 20 years the film with the most oscar nominations has also won best picture. well, what would steven tyler of "the american idol" judge think of the steven tyler who sang the national anthem at the afc championship game on sunday? >> that is a good question. i heard pieces of it. i heard enough. the rendition probably wouldn't get him to hollywood. ♪ and the rockets' red glare as bombs bursting in air ♪ ♪ gave proof through the night >> steven tyler's rendition of the national anthem yesterday is getting mixed reviews after we post ted on our facebook page and got more than 200 comments. some loved it and called him a rocker. one critic said the "nationality anthem" is a very hard song and
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his vocals didn't mix the music. tyler is the lead singer of aero smith and the group is from boston which made it fitting for him to sing before the new england game. i get the boston connection. but they knew what they were getting, a rocker. >> he sounded like steven tyler. >> yeah. >> when it comes to super bowl 46, we'll have complete coverage. the game will air right here on nbc on sunday the 5th of february. be sure to stay tuned. they're heading to indianapolis to cover the big game. >> one is riding the big hog. the other is in the side car with the golgs. they look cool and are raring to go. coming up on news 4, strong storms blast through several southern states leaving a path of death and destruction. >> a local police case sparks a supreme court decision on using a gps to tra
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at least two people were killed and more than a hundred injured after a string of violent storms that struck in the middle of the night. they slammed the southern part
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of the u.s. possibly spawning tornadoes and they flattened homes and buildings in alabama, arkansas, mississippi, and tennessee. >> reporter: as the morning breaks, the cleanup begins. across the deep south a series of unconfirmed overnight tornadoes destroyed homes and businesses across four states. >> it's unbelievable. >> reporter: sandra and laverne greene of dallas county, arkansas had just seconds to take shelter in their bathroom. >> it was over in about five minutes and we started -- we could feel wind blowing on us and looked in the bathroom. the ceiling is all mashed in with limbs in. >> i'm just proud to be alive. >> reporter: a feeling shared by mark cluck some 450 miles away in center point, alabama. >> we lost our house but at least we have -- i'm sorry -- we got our family. >> reporter: the fast moving storm system swept across the deep south from arkansas to
4:23 pm
alabama in a matter of hours spawning what could be rare winter tornadoes. >> we were anticipating more of having to be ready in our emergency management agency for like ice or snow or frozen rain, you know, not tornadoes. >> despite the devastation, residents remained strong. >> we were tough down here. we recover. everybody will pitch in and clean up. we'll be back on top. >> reporter: back on top after their lives were turned upside down. >> pretty rough weather. >> very unusual for january no doubt about it. >> yes. >> all part of this la nina winter we're in. the reason we haven't had any cold air here is what has allowed the very active southern branch of the jet stream to bring that kind of severe weather once again to arkansas, alabama, parts of southern georgia as well. our heart goes out to them. good news is quieter weather coming their way and believe it or not we may get to see the sunshine again. not that you'd believe that after a day like today and even yesterday wasn't a very pretty
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day either. the sun has been gone since about lunch time on friday and it may be until late morning about lunch time or so tomorrow before we get the full sunshine back once again. your monday afternoon kind of looks and feels like a monday doesn't it? just gloomy outside. all day long. visibilities have been dramatically reduced thanks to all the fog and the cloud cover out there. 37 now at national airport. a light breeze out of the south at only seven miles per hour. the warmer air is literally just on our western and southwestern door step. stanton, virginia 46. petersburg, west virginia 55. winchester, virginia 45. so that warmer air will gradually scour all this cold air out of here. temperatures will actually hold steady or start to climb a bit after midnight tonight. so the cold air is just about ready to pull on out of here. radar shows most of the showers out on the lower parts of the eastern shore moving away from us. down across alabama and georgia still some strong storms down here in southeastern alabama but nowhere near the strength of severe weather they dealt with late last night and early this
4:25 pm
morning. one more trailing batch of showers out across northern parts of west virginia. i don't think those are going to make it over the mountains so we'll remain on the dry side now that we got the rain stopped. look how mild it is. charleston, west virginia right now. 64 degrees. so the thick fog will be lingering through this evening and really through most of the overnight hours as well. so be ready for a bit of a foggy start first thing tomorrow morning but with a west to southwesterly wind. sunshine returns tomorrow. it'll be a very nice change of pace. seasonably cold tomorrow night with the generally clear sky and our little chance to dry out goes through tomorrow and through wednesday as well. so for the rest of the evening dense fog on the cold side. passing showers coming to an end very quickly now. evening temperatures holding steady or trending up just a bit. waking up tomorrow morning cloudy and chilly. dense fog. the roads will still be wet so be extra careful. drive a little slower tomorrow morning. wakeup temperatures upper 30s and low 40s. tomorrow afternoon yes indeed. sunshine, back. noticeably milder. highs tomorrow low to mid 50s at least. some spots down toward
4:26 pm
fredericksburg might even make it a little warmer than that. there is the fourday forecast. 55 tomorrow. 48 with sunshine on wednesday. next chance of rain drops not snowflakes comes in on thursday. may linger into the early parts of friday. the rest of the forecast in a couple minutes. our gloomy stretch of just ew is about to come to an end. >> some kind of winter. >> disappointing at every turn isn't it? >> depending on your perspective. >> 355 sunshine and 55 we coulde tomorrow. >> thank you. stoil come on news 4 at 4:00 a startling discovery by investigators looking into that cruise ship disaster off the italian coast. how far should you drive to how far should you drive to get the best price on ga
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we're gonna erase breast cancer once and for all. walking 60 miles... in three days. (woman) we're united. (woman) a family. (woman) a coming together of thousands. so that one has to suffer the agony of a loss.
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the agony of my loss. we're going to erase breast cancer once and for all. (woman) walking 60 miles. (woman) in three days. join us. (man) register today for the... and receive $25 off your registration fee. because everyone deserves a lifetime. welcome back to news 4 at 4:00. i'm pat lawson muse. >> i'm jim handly. here's what's making news at 4:30 now. a makeshift memorial is growing around the statue of joe paterno at penn state. the legendary football coach died sunday morning from complications of lung cancer. there is a public viewing tomorrow and wednesday followed by a private funeral on wednesday and public memorial service on thursday. paterno's death comes just weeks
4:30 pm
after he was fired from his coaching job at the height of a child sex abuse scandal linked to a former assistant coach. political analysts say we could see a lot of fireworks when the republican presidential candidates meet tonight for a debate in florida. with momentum on newt gingrich's side the florida primary may be a make-or-break contest for mitt romney's campaign. both candidates spent this day trading sharp jabs and analysts predict we'll see more of those jabs tonight. >> right now thousands are gathered in the district for the annual march for life protesting the supreme court decision row v. wade. earlier today teens from around the country packed the verizon center for a prayer rally. the national organization for women responded to the rally, saying they will not let anti-choice groups destroy what they've worked so hard to achieve. on wall street on this monday stocks ended lower as investors continue to watch the developments with the greek debt situation. the dow industrials fell 11 points. nasdaq fell two points and the
4:31 pm
s&p 500 had no net change. now to the big story at 4:30 today. rescuers pulled more bodies from the ship wrecked cruise liner in italy today. it comes as the careful and important task of removing fuel from the massive vessel is close to getting under way. nbc's duncan gostana has the latest from italy. >> reporter: we now know 15 people died onboard the costa concordia when it crashed here off the island of giglio. a dozen divers are getting much better access having blasted holes yesterday and this morning. today bringing off two more bodies from deck four near an internet cafe. but at the same time it remains a tough, tough job. have a look at the pictures of what these guys are having to wade through. lots of furniture, lots of luggage, and we're told the air on there is almost unbreathable because of the rotting stench of food. as that search continues the
4:32 pm
civil protection agency here says the operation to bring off the half a million gallons of fuel oil can now begin possibly within 24 hours. >> so basically we are ready to go and we are ready to start working. >> tomorrow? >> if possible tomorrow. >> it's going to be really a complex operation involving clamping on machinery, taking off the fuel over several weeks, and replacing it with sea water so the boy ansuyancy remains th same. they are taking extra measures in case there is a spill. more booms in the water and an italian navy vessel on stand by. nbc news, giglio, italy. the lundberg survey of gas prices shows prices are up more than three cents a gallon over the past two weeks. the latest number is from triple-a and shows d.c.'s average around $3.58 for a gallon of regular over the weekend. gas prices noichd inched up a p
4:33 pm
maryland to $3.42. virginia inched upward about a cent and is now $3.35. in west virginia the average has been at $3.49 or at least it was for the weekend. so is it worth it to you to drive around town trying to find cheaper gas? experts say that depends. >> so the folks did this calculus. it costs us a dollar for every seven miles that we drive on average. just keep that number in your mind because if you're going out of your way and not saving more than a couple bucks it is not worth it. >> that was this morning on the "today" show. experts say nigerian production issues could raise oil prices in the near future along with ongoing tensions over iranian sanctions and the strait of hormuz. privacy advocates want a key ruling today from the u.s. supreme court. the justices ruled unanimously that police cannot attach a secret tracking device to a
4:34 pm
suspect's car without a search warrant. jay gray reports. >> reporter: it's the way many of us get to where we're going these days but gps technology has hit a road block when it comes to police mapping out surveillance strategies. in a decision some call one of the most important of the computer age the supreme court has ruled investigators must get a search warrant before secretly attaching a gps tracking device to a suspect's vehicle. justices made the announcement. there was a conspiracy to distribute cocaine after police installed a gps device on a jeep grand cherokee. >> 9-0 in a fourth amendment case is remarkable in the long-range implications of this are going to be very simple that the police have to be a little more respectful of people's rights, property rights. >> reporter: some experts say the decision could have far reaching effects when it comes to technology and the law.
4:35 pm
>> the court is probably always going to be playing catchup but i think the important point here is that the court is trying and is saying we are going to try to maintain some protections for privacy. >> reporter: a tough goal as tech and the tactics to use it continue to race forward. jay gray, nbc news. metro canceled track work for today because of the delayed start for federal workers but the rest of this week you'll have to plan for delays on all five of metro's lines. trains will single track between dupont circle and friendship heights as well as tacoma and forest glen on the red line. the orange line will single track trains between boston and foggy bottom and eastern market and stadium armory. there will be single tracking between arlington cemetery and foggy bottom on the blue line. on the green line, trains will single track between fort totten and prince georges plaza center between 10:00 am and 2:00 p.m. because of the track work yellow
4:36 pm
line trains will only operate between huntington and mount vernon square until 7:00 p.m. >> did you get all that? coming up we have a lot more. new surveillance video services in the case of the missing florida mother. we'll hear from one of the last people to see her alive. >> and when it comes to adult beverages what's your favorite? a new survey of what we like to drink
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so are you in the midst of a home renovation? now you can have the latest trends right at hand. >> wendy has the trend in her hand. it's our app of the day. >> yes, and i love this. it's dwell. they put an amazing magazine that can cost you a lot of money and now you can get the app for free. it is really cool. again, contemporary, modern, lovely articles. this home is all about how it was renovated with green details. this is how to have a party in your back yard. you look at different things. how people have used the black paint really effectively. that's really very cool.
4:40 pm
ideas. the dwell ideas, a party in the back. you look at this and it shows you different ways people have, you can hit the slide slow. it's a little bit slow. shows you different ways people have expanded in the back of their homes and gives you an interview with people. it really is cool. when you look at what people have done. if you're thinking of doing something and again you want something of like a modern touch, and then the other thing that's cool are the products. you can look at these really cool modern rugs and chairs and they'll tell you all about them and about the designers. this is a really high end shelter magazine app. looking at again contemporary, modern, but it's -- you're not going to find anything like you will in the, on dwell magazine. it is really cool. of course you can, like this is a really cool thermostat. then you can of course tweet this. this is really cool.
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this is a radiator. i don't know if you can see this well. this tiny, thin blue -- this is a new radiator and to kind of upgrade what we think of a clunky old radiator, this is efficient. it looks like a work of art and it can warm you in a new way. look at this. isn't that neat? >> yes. >> i'm telling you, this is the hot fan heater by dyson. we know about this guy. that's sort of the -- like what dyson did for vacuums. that's what "dwell" magazine does, that kind of modern look. isn't that a cool bean bag? they have a whole bunch of -- a whole movie thing on designer saul bass. the snoopy lamp. isn't that fun? this is just a light box. it gives you the price and it doesn't tell you exactly where you can go to buy it but tells you enough you can find it online if you're looking for it. i just think it was really cool. i was sitting at my desk today just going through this and having just a ball.
4:42 pm
you know, because i love stuff like this. and the homes are really cool looking. like look at that, going deutsch. just really modern architecture and design. this is an old place called, in barcelona, a medieval place where they had to support this arch and made it into a work of art. this is called barns enoebled. it's dwell. >> look at that. >> this is a tiny little lake front home on lake superior. this is just a fun thing. you'll sit and sit with this and it really is so cool. they have a lot of popup ads. i think that is why it is free. you have to beat them back. you know? every time you hit something this popup ad wants to come. other than that it really is a cool and it's free. "dwell." back to you. >> all right. looks like fun. >> she had way too much fun at work today. >> yeah. >> all right. coming up on news 4 at 4 new
4:43 pm
rules taken into effect this week could make it easier when you book your next flight. >> don't miss foodies tonight at 9:00 on nbc washington nonstop. eun yang goes into the kitchen at wolfgang puck's the source to learn to make their famous dumplings. at 9:30 check out nonstop seeing d.c. we'll meet the young designer who is behind a new fashion line that is generating a whole lot of buzz. clothing with character tonight on nbc washington nonstop. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] combine a pnc cashbuilder visa credit card with a pnc performance select checking account
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well the fog is clearing up. >> yeah. a little bit. this morning you couldn't see this far in front of your face. now you can see a little further with the fog. >> you can see my hand. you can't see your own. >> how many fingers was that? >> there you go. six. >> it's been a tough climb to get out of the doldrums around here because the sunshine disappeared on friday and then we had a little bit of snow friday night. we had a little sleet and freezing rain and then we had clouds and fog and misery and, you all in all we were supposed to be nearly 45 degrees today and even though the wind turned to the south the temperature never responded. this cold air is very, very thick and heavy and lays on the surface and sometimes takes a real push to get it out of here. we just didn't have enough of a push today. we've been stuck in the clouds and the cold. 37 still at national airport. and temperatures are much, much warmer, just up the hill from
4:47 pm
washington. 41 culpepper. 41 in charlottesville. 50 in stanton and harrisonburg. 55 in petersburg, west virginia. the much warmer air is aloft. if you could climb a ladder 3,000 feet high it would be a lot warmer than it is now at the ground. normally that's not the case. we have what we call an inversion of temperatures out there and that means the cold air is stuck down at the ground and the warmer air is stuck aloft. where it does us no good at all. good news for us though is that things are starting to improve. we've gotten the bulk of the rain out of here now. most of the showers are headed out toward ocean city right now. all wet roads still around the area courtesy of the showers we had a little while ago. this is all rapidly coming to an end. the roads are going to remain wet because of the cold air we have in place and the low visibility so no real opportunity to dry the pavement off. it'll be a wet overnight stretch. these showers out here in southern pennsylvania i think are going to leave us alone. i think we're just about done with the rain chance other than a quick passing drizzle or two. that's about all we need to worry about. the other thing that will stick
4:48 pm
around through this evening and through the overnight hours tonight is the thick fog out there. by 8:00 tonight most of the rain long gone. and then after that temperatures will hold steady tonight in the upper 30s to near 40. then tomorrow believe it or not blue skies and the bright yellow thing appearing in the sky tomorrow. we'll call that the sunshine back again. highs up into the 50s we will go. that'll be the nicest day of the week. wednesday looks pretty good as well. mostly sunny. 48 degrees. clouds come back wednesday night. rain showers likely on thursday. didn't put the drop in there on friday. may have to put up a precautionary drop on friday morning but a generally cloudy stretch coming our way but not a lot in the way of rain chances. most of the rain will be thursday and then again on sunday with a cloudy stretch in between there. notice not a single temperature for the next five days below freezing. >> yes. we see that. warm weather lovers are happy. >> all right. yes we are. >> thank you, chuck. much more ahead on news 4 at 4:00 this afternoon. booking your next flight right now? it should be a lot easier. >> the faa is implementing a new
4:49 pm
set of rules this week. rules that are expected to make buying your ticket a little less confusing. jay gray explains. >> reporter: this week new rules from the department of transportation take flight conditions most agree will ease some confusion for travelers. >> it's sort of the consumer's win here. the consumer wins by now having a little laundry list of rules they should make air fare buying a little more transparent, a little bit safer and just a little bit easier. >> here is a closer look at the new laundry list for passengers. the total cost of a ticket must now be posted, no more fine print or hidden fees including the cost of baggage. airlines are required to let passengers know when a flight is canceled, diverted, or delayed more than 30 minutes and travelers have a 24-hour window now to hold or cancel a reservation at no cost. >> that's what consumers want. they want to make better decisions. >> decisions that will be based on fares that are unfortunately on the rise. >> we could see another year
4:50 pm
where the air fare hikes are attempted on a rather regular basis. it's not just the air fare hikes. it's the implementation of what they call surcharges. they start to look at what are probably going to be popular traveling dates. >> reporter: but with the new regulations in place the increases shouldn't come as a surprise. >> we'll get a better gauge as to how to budget for air fare, vacation planning. by knowing exactly what our out the door price is going to be. >> even if we have to save a little bit more before getting out that door. and into the air. jay gray, nbc news. coming up on news 4 how much is eating out for lunch costing you? >> just knowing the cost of your morning cup of joe might surprise you. we're coming right back.  coming up on news 4 at 5:00 trading in textbooks for computers. why a fair kax county school decided now was the time to move toward technology. and to buy or lease? when it comes to getting a new car the key is the fine print.
4:51 pm
so which one is the better deal? liz crenshaw is going to break down what we need to know. then at 6:00 the walt disney company makes a major change letting their employees do something they haven't been able to do in 60
4:52 pm
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4:54 pm
half of those who responded to a poll by the data firm accounting principles said they spend more than $5 a day on a cup of coffee. that is nearly $1100 a year. and when it comes to lunch the average person spent nearly $2,000 eating out. according to the survey posted in "the huffington post" most who ate out and bought coffee regularly were between 18 and 24 years old. that's a lot of money for that age bracket. >> sure is. when it comes to going out, americans are still spending money on alcohol. according to a new bar manager's survey the margarita is the most popular drink in the country. it's followed by the martini then rum and coke. when wine is poured, chardonnay was the most popular. the survey found consumers thought it was the easiest to order and to drink. and as far as beers? corona is the best selling import and sam adams is the most popular draft beer.
4:55 pm
coming up on news 4 at 4:00 this afternoon, new video has just been released showing a missing florida mom just hours before she disappe
4:56 pm
4:57 pm
it's been more than two months since florida mother michelle parker disappeared after an appearance on the people's court. as kerry sanders reports now
4:58 pm
investigators are hoping some never before seen video will provide some answers in the case. >> reporter: in this newly released security camera video the last known image of michelle parker just three hours before she disappeared. >> i've been doing pretty good. you know? but when i saw that, it makes me cry. >> reporter: you see park ervice iting an orlando fast food restaurant. police released the video on friday. her 34th birthday. it was last november when the mother of three appeared in a taped episode of "the people's court" with ex-fiance dale smith. >> he said he wanted his ring so i took it off and i threw it at him. >> on the day the show aired she pulled into this drive through. those are the decals from her tanning business on the side of her suv. the next day the vehicle was found in a parking lot with. decals removed. police called dale smith the primary and only suspect. smith hasn't commented.
4:59 pm
his lawyers say he's not involved in parker's disappearance. >> if he is so innocent, take the lie detector test. what's the big deal? what do you have to hide? >> as the search continues parker's family hopes this latest video leads to a break in the case. >> you just always have to have hope that somebody knows something and that somebody will remember and call. i hope they do. >> so far police haven't charged dale smith. he's currently -- he currently has custody of the couple's 3-year-old twins. that's news 4 at 4:00. news 4 at 5:00 starts right now. the threat of slick roads prompts a late start today for federal employees. the roads may have looked clear but a year after carmageddon stranded commuters for hours officials aren't taking any


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